Greenboar Studio

The name Greenboar was created from a blend from the meaning of our names:

Phyllis f Greek Mythology, English, German
Pronounced: FIL-is
Means "foliage" in Greek. In Greek myth this was the name of a girl who killed herself out of love for Demophon and was subsequently transformed into an almond tree.

Leafy foliage; green bough. In Greek legend, Phyllis was changed to an almond tree after her death, and bore no leaves until her lover returned.

Everett m English
Pronounced: EV-ur-et
From a surname which was derived from the first name Everard.

Everard m English
Means "brave boar", derived from the Germanic elements eber "wild boar" and hard "brave, hardy".

In the ancient Celtic system the boar is associated with the South and the element of Fire. It is connected with the life giving power of the sun. To our ancestors the wild boar was highly prized in the hunt and this importance applies on all three levels. On the physical level the hunt, if successful, provided nourishment for the clan. On the mental level, the importance of the hunt is shown by the courage and bravery of the hunter, who in seeking the wild boar must face the fiercest and most dangerous beast of all. On a spiritual level the boar acts as a guide that leads the warrior-hunter on a quest to the highest level of enlightenment. There are many links between pigs and their magical abilities, symbolizing their spiritual nourishment and life-renewing powers.


2003 Us - Fifi and Everett -  European Tour, Vicenza Institute of Architecture through the School of Architecture ath the University of Florida